Z-Suite not displaying correctly after new Win Update


Hey there,

I just updated my windows to Windows 10, version 1903. After doing so, Z-Suite fails to display properly. Any thoughts or anyone else have this issue?

thanks in advance,



  1. Reinstall Z-SUITE
  2. Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ (2013 and 2017)
  3. Reinstall NET Framework
  4. Update the drivers of your graphics.

Please start with #1 and apply the following steps if the previous one does not work.

Kind regards


Hey Marcin,

Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, I just completed all of those steps and the problem continues. Any other thoughts?



Hi Ryan,

  1. Please delete all the files in this catalogue:

  2. Clean the registry. I’ll send you an instruction via PM.

Let me know if any of these helps.