Z-Suite sends the print file but Inkspire doesn't receive it


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Exactly the same problem here. Z-Suite reports of a successful file upload but it never appears on a flash drive connected to the printer. Network configuration was never changed and there’s no firewall that could block the connection.


Hi @Dental-House,

What Z-SUITE and firmware version are you using? Actually, we have not experienced this problem on our side - .zcodex is always saved on the USB drive after sending the file to the printer.

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It has been already solved. The problem was because of polish letters like ą,ę,ż or ś in the file name.
And I will use the situation and kindley ask you if it’s possible to add compatibility with Western and Central Europe letters in .zcodex file name?
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Thank you for the update - I am glad to hear you found a root of the problem. As for your suggestion - I have passed it to the responsible department.

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