Z-Suite shell thickness slicing


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Most RepRap slicers can set Shell Thickness so the model is not solid but hollow inside with some pattern reinforcement.

It would be relly nice to have this kind of setting in Z-Suite for my brand new Inkspire… so my models are also not fully filled inside - sometimes its not even welcome or necessary…

Please consider such option… or tell me how to set it if I have missed one…

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Hi, Tomek. Unfortunately, this option is not available at the moment. It’s on our “to do” list, but it can take some time.
Nevertheless, if you design a model as a shell and add a hole, so that resin can drip through it, you can successfully print it without solid infill.


+1 here! Hollowing and poking is quite easy to do in Meshmixer, but requires extra steps. Hollowing, poking, as well as automatic lifting, angling and support generation should be in Z-Suite as soon as possible. I know this guidance is on the Zortrax help site, but it should be integrated into the software so the user will have a good experience “out of the box”. FormLabs does this already. I think most users will come from FDM and will make mistakes based on their experience there, leading to disappointment with the product.


My suggestion would be to use existing Open-Source slicer engine - like CURA / CuraEngine - this way you would get something that already works fine with a decent quality and wide range of available options, then you can improve the code and share back the results making the Open-Source even better :slight_smile:


I made a post about this a few weeks ago. This is an easy work around to get extra shell perimeters in z-suite just where you want them…


Thanks @MechInnovation for the hint, I have tried that too as a quick dirty hack, but that would imply generating a specific model just for Z-Suite print… which should not be the case… all slicers can set wall thickness and infill parameters for years already and Z-Suite should have that option too… that makes design universal and platform independent but then still you can set specific parameters in slicer depending on the print technology…

At the moment I am even unable to get into Preview stage because previous steps take forever and does not even complete…


Have they added an option of increasing shells without using phantom gaps?