Zortrax M300! :)


My frustration doesn't involve you, but thanks for your feedback its appreciated.

my comparison between the M300 and the Slash is more about the innovation of the product and what areas I would pay and wouldn't pay for. I pre-ordered the Inventure when it was announced, since that price range was reasonable to me, but later canceled it when I found out about the soluble material cost. you're one of those people that reads a few words from a post and assume you know the person, but I get where you're coming from which isn't the case.

maybe I'm missing something here, can someone point out what makes the M300 that expensive? any new innovative features that sets it apart from the M200 besides being bigger? 

I'm just like you sitting behind a screen with a keyboard sharing my point of view in this forum. if you can't handle where my stance is, just move along, its really that simple!

All good, no worries.

I think it's all just what the individual thinks is good value.

I'm actually amazed you pre ordered the Inventure....I wouldn't have touched that with a stick at the price.

I've been looking into building my dream printer using proven components and certain higher tech parts on an aluminium chassis with precision linear rails machined/mounted to light CNC machine tolerances, and I could easily spend 10k (which I've already started doing and run out of money for now).

That's with all the good gear in a Z type cabinet, heat controlled enclosure, much more powerful heated bed, and in particular a triple lead screw Z axis and CoreXY gantry.

That would be 30x30x60cm build.

If I ever get it done (1-2 years down the track) it would never be a seller due to all the cheap printers on the market, which is a shame as the cheap stuff rarely works well out of the box.

I'm wary of gambling on high tech new ideas, especially when built to a budget price.

I guess in summary I'd say that compared to other printers I've bought (don't get me started on Wanhao), the Z's have certainly proven to be absolute workhorses.

Tragically Z can also be paranoid wierdos regarding warranty and parts, which has become end of the road for me with them.

I can't tell how they came to this price as no one other than a gypsy fortune teller with a basket ball sized crystal ball could figure what they are thinking, but I certainly couldn't build one myself for that price.


Just voicing out my opinion...

M300 Too expensive.. But not only that... 

Limited to expensive material too!

I understand that the expensive material is for preventing wrapping, etc.. However What happens if I want to print a smaller part in the large printer.. Why limit the material!

So... Sorry.. Not for me.. Moving away from Zortrax.. Not because of quality but because pricing is becoming impossible.

Unfortunately, this will be my next purchase:



I have been using my M300 for a couple of weeks now and it does work extremely well and I am very happy with it. I now realise that it will not replace the M200. The M300 does the large jobs very well but not all jobs are large and need to be done in hips, Petg or Z-glass so I still use my M200 for most small parts.

The build plate on the M300 is heavy and releasing the raft from the perf plate on a large jog can be difficult. The micro 3 pin connector is still on the perf plate on the M300 but does not have to be unplugged to remove the perf plate, which is good.


"Honey i blew up the M200"

I agree with you, pricing for the M300 is ridiculous. I feel only a niche market would want it. with that said i dont think it will sell well.   Bring on the Phantom.....er i mean the Zortrax-Inventure !


Sorry, couldn't help myself